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My name is Valera Berman. The reason for creating this Web Page was to provide information about myself and my music to people who may be interested.

What's New?

6/5/2002. This year has been surprisingly productive for me, all things considered. I helped Naum Lisitza record his first album "In the rhythm of rain ", collaborated on and recorded Volodya Muzikantov's new album "Cosmopolitan", and finally managed to complete my second CD, "Self-portrait". It contains songs to the poetry of the Joseph Brodsky, Marina Garber, Gary Lite and Bahit Kenjeev. Also, there were several concerts in the Philadelphia area and one benefit in which I took part along with V.Krastoshevsky, V. Muzikantov, V. Stolyarov, A. Stolyarov, N. Lisitza and family, S. Schalatsky & A. Ginsberg, with all tickets sales going to charities to supports families of victims of terror in Israel. We had collected $1,250.00 and it was sent to Israel Emergency Fund/One Family and to a Rehabilitation hospital in Israel.

5/1/2001 - Recorded and produced my first CD "THE CANDLE". It features a compilation of songs that I have composed over last 10 years to some of my favorite poems by Joseph Brodsky, Bella Akhmadoulina, Marina Garber, Gary Lite. Currently I am working on my second CD that will feature poetry of the same group of authors.



To listen to the the songs you need to have an MP3 player. Click here for free download of WinAmp.

New CD called

Here are few tracks from this CD called "Selfportrait": 

All is Equal You Do Not Hear

Noise of the Pouring Rain

XXI Century

Farewell to Prague (vocals: Maria Reitman and I)

If you would like to buy this CD please click on the link. When you get there, click on the "GO"

A door; Actual size=180 pixels wide

This is my first CD called "The Candle". If you like, you can listen/download the tracks below.


Time of regrets comes.....

The January is coming to a close.....

Winter Chill

If you would like to buy the CD, here is the link to the KSP internet CD shop. When you get there, click on the "GO".

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